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Sleep and Running

Sleep Number is one of this years sponsors for the Distance Challenge, Daisy 5k, and Decker Challenge Half Marathon, and the IT by sleep number was actually designed for runners. It allows you to incorporate your workout times with you sleeping patterns. They have sent us some useful tips that you may want to consider. […]

Get to know the Distance Challenge: Greg Leitich

In this blog series, we’ll get to know some of our new and veteran Distance Challenge (DC) participants. If you have a story you’d like to share, let us know! Interviews by DC Coordinator, Hannah Kanne I was born and raised in Chicago (North Side, so I’m a Cubs fan), came to Austin for […]

Track Etiquette

Track- love it or hate it, it’s where race day success begins. Whether you’re running sprints, fartleks, or Yassos, your workout will be much more enjoyable if you and your fellow runners use some basic etiquette. This is especially true when the oval is crowded and paces vary greatly among everyone. So, let’s take a […]

Distance Challenge Training

Austin is a great city for many reasons- a plethora of parks and outdoor activities, live music on every corner, tacos, and an incredible running community. Our city loves running so much that you can practically count on being able to run some kind of race on any given weekend throughout the year. What makes Austin unique […]