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Are you passionate about running and looking for a way to contribute to the Austin running community? 

The Austin Runners Club invites you to join our incredible volunteer team, where you can play a crucial role in making each race a success.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or simply love being a part of fun-filled events, we want you to become a vital force behind the running events that bring joy to thousands of runners across Central Texas.

We have volunteer options that will work with everyone’s schedule and skill sets so check out all the opportunities below!

Volunteer Opportunities

September 6, 2024

Please fill out the form below if you're interested in any future volunteer opportunities with the Austin Runners Club

Austin Runners Club Volunteer Interest Form

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Introducing the 4+1 Volunteer Program

Austin Runners Club is proud to introduce our new 4 + 1 Volunteer Program for any member who joins at the Teammate level or above. The 4 + 1 Volunteer Program allows members to get involved in our community, races, and programs, and earn a free race entry.

All eligible members may choose to participate in our 4+1 Volunteer Program. Members of the Austin Runners Club who volunteer at 4 MK/ARC events receive one entry into The Daisy Dash, Decker Challenge half marathon, or Distance Challenge. Volunteers also receive a free volunteer shirt.

Perks for Volunteering with 4+1

Complete the 4+1 Volunteer Program enrollment form above to get started. Austin Runners Club will track your volunteer progress throughout the race season and will let you know when you’ve volunteered for 4 events.

Your free race entry will be available after you complete the 4+1 Volunteer Program. 

The Volunteer Program begins in June 1 and ends May 31, and you have within that time frame to complete 4 volunteer opportunities to receive a free race entry.