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Running Routes

Find a new route to run

Below are some favorite running routes provided by the running community and training groups. These workouts are provided for anyone to run. They are organized by Group and Distance. The link provided will show a map for you to study and/or print.

If you have a favorite run to submit for our list, please contact

RouteDistance (Miles)AreaGroupTerrainMap
Academy South 5K 3.1SouthwestVIEW
Brewtorium 4NorthVIEW
Central Market to Pease Park 6CentralVIEW
Dick Nichols Almost 5K 3.1SouthwestVIEW
Down Mountainclimb / Up Mesa 5.7 NorthwestMonday Night RunRoad, HillyVIEW
East Side 5K 3.1EastVIEW
East Side Garden Loop 3.1 EastVIEW
Falconhead West Primitive Park3.6WestVIEW
Far West Loop 14.8 WestVIEW
Hancock Loop 12 WestVIEW
IM Fields 5K 3.1 CentralVIEW
Jo's Coffee to Texas Capitol4CentralMorning Jo'sVIEW
Ladera Norte 5.8 NorthwestMonday Night RunRoad, HillyVIEW
Mean Eyed Cat to UT Campus10CentralVIEW
Mesa / Mountainclimb 5.3 NorthwestMonday Night RunRoad, HillyVIEW
Mesa Knollwood Loop 3.4NorthwestMonday Night RunRoad, HillyVIEW
Mueller 10K6.2NorthVIEW
Murchison School, Long Run 5.4 NorthwestVIEW
Murchison School, Short Run3.7NorthwestVIEW
Murchison School, Short Run 6.9 NorthwestVIEW
North Hills / Greystone Short 3.8 NorthMonday Night RunRoad, HillyVIEW
North Run From Schlotzky's 4.7 NorthVIEW
Rollingwood Run4.3WestVIEW
RunLab MLS Stadium Loop 4.3 NorthVIEW
Scenic Loop, Bypass 35th. 6.9 WestVIEW
Scenic, Mt. Bonnell Loop 9.1 WestVIEW
Shoal Creek Long 5.0
NorthMonday Night RunRoadVIEW
Shoal Creek Out & Back 18.5VIEW
Shoal Creek Short3.5 NorthMonday Night RunRoad
Slaughter Creek 5K3.1SouthVIEW
Stratford Loop 4.8NorthwestVIEW
Walnut Creek Park Trails 3.25NorthVIEW
Walnut Creek Park Trails 3.1 NorthTrails
Walnut Creek Park Trails6.2North TrailsVIEW
Walnut Creek Paved Path 10K 6.2 NorthVIEW
West Side Clover 10.7WestVIEW
Windsor Loop 4.7WestVIEW
Zilker Ladder3.1SouthVIEW