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Run with Austin Runners Club

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Austin Runners Club offers weekly training runs, social runs, and organized races.

Join an ARC Run Group

Are you looking for a running club to join? We have active run groups in North, South, East, and West parts of Austin.

Register for a Race

We organize and partner with endurance road race events in the Austin-area and host a six-race series challenge.

Discover Running Routes

Check out some of our favorite running routes in Austin and Central Texas. They range from short to long distances.

Want to Volunteer?

Are you considering volunteering at an Austin Runners Club event or program? Sign-up today to support other runners and get inspired.

About Us

We believe running transforms lives.

Through running, we strive to build a healthier and more active community regardless of ability, age, or background. We promote healthy living for all.

We bring members of Austin and the surrounding communities together by organizing and promoting running clubs, directing local races, and coordinating other running-related events.