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Austin Runners Club is a completely volunteer-lead organization and relies on the efforts of our volunteer board in order to serve our mission. All current ARC members are eligible to run and vote for who they’d like to represent them on the Board of Directors.

Below you’ll find candidate bios for those who are running to serve on our board. You can check out more about of each current Board Member and their role here.

A few quick notes on the election:

Election results will be announced on social media and in our weekly member newsletter once they have been determined.


Iram J. Leon

It has been my privilege to be part of the leadership of ARC for the last several years. During that time, we’ve grown our membership while increasing participation in all of our own events. Our long-established runs like the Ship of Fools and the Monday Night crew have seen their biggest attendance yet, and we’ve added other groups like the Morning Jo’s and Rise and Run.

Our Distance Challenge, Decker Challenge and Daisy 5k have experienced incredible growth and we’ve donated more money each year than the year before to support the places we all run like O Henry Middle School, Back the Track, and the Trail Foundation. We’ve also invested in the future of running by supporting Marathon Kids and Marathon High. We are an umbrella organization and have worked tirelessly to strengthen partnerships with every local running store and training group in town, while making great strides in uniting our community run leaders and partnering with other organizations and events throughout the year. 

ARC has been amazing since 1974 and it’s just getting started. A rising tide raises all boats and I know that as Austin continues to grow, the running scene and our club will continue to sail with the positivity. It has been a privilege to serve for this long and if ARC will have me, I’d be honored to continue to serve. 



Michelle Ryan

I started running with the ARC Ship of Fools in 2002. I was a total beginner who could barely run a 5k. The Ship was so supportive and welcoming. With the help of Coach Al Cumming and runners who mentored me, I began to develop my “running legs.” More importantly, I found a community of amazing people and developed lifelong friendships.



I’m running for ARC President to give back to the community that has been supportive to me for 17 years. To help ARC continue to thrive and succeed by representing runners of all levels and goals. My mission is to lead ARC as an inclusive and welcoming group and be an advocate to the entire running community.


Vice President

Brent Stein

As a former road cyclist and mountain biker, I ran my first marathon at Austin in 2003. It was special not only because of the time (4:00:32), but because of the experience running my hometown race. Since then, I have completed 10 more marathons, including 2 Boston finishes and a 2:48 PR at CIM in December 2018.  I’ve been a marathon coach at Rogue Running for the last 8 years and along the way have helped many athletes achieve their goals… from first time marathoners crossing the finish line with a smile on their face to front of the pack runners qualifying for their first Boston. Additionally, I’ve served as a member of the pacing team for the Austin Marathon for the last two years.   

I’m married with 3 boys, and my wife, Carrie, owns her own advertising agency.  Together we work to balance careers, kid’s activities, exercise & school while enjoying as much time playing outside with the boys… camping, hiking, basketball, cycling, trampoline, etc! On the professional front, I just stepped away from 23 years in corporate America where I gained experience in sales, marketing, human resources and recruiting. As a people manager I developed my leadership style based on a love for coaching and helping people achieve their full potential. I now plan on leveraging these skillsets to pursue a new career in the running/health/fitness world, where my true passion lies.

I have experience coordinating volunteer activities and enjoy spending time giving back and supporting the local community. I am truly excited about the opportunity to join ARC and serve on the board to promote the sport that I love in the city that has been my home for over 20 years. My vision for the club is to increase membership and expand community awareness of ARC by exploring the following areas:


Devangi Parikh

I started running with ARC Ship of Fools in 2017 when I moved to Austin. The Ship became my new running family and got me through my second marathon. You can find me running and sometimes pacing the 10:30-11:00 min/mile group at the Saturday morning long runs.

My first introduction to running was at the age of 4, when my dad used to take my sister and I out to run in the snow in St. Louis, MO. I’ve run on-off since then, but I ran my first 5k in 2009, and my first half marathon in 2013. I’ve run 30+ half marathons, as a runner and pacer, and 2 full marathons. When I’m not running, I am putting my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering to use as a Research Fellow and Lecturer at UT Austin. I also enjoy baking, crocheting, and most recently sewing thanks to my fellow shipmates.

From my experience of running with ARC and the Ship, ARC provides a community for its members that may start on the road, but extends well beyond it in the form of lifelong friendships. To give back to this community, I’m excited to do my part to serve the club by running for ARC Vice President. I will help ARC continue to thrive and grow as a running club that welcomes all ages, paces and abilities. My goal is to help better serve the groups under ARC’s umbrella, and it members.



Andrew Holmes

I’ve been running in Austin for the last seven years, but recently found my running community after starting The Morning Jo’s running group with my significant other and becoming a member of ARC. I’m actively involved as the official photographer and a participant of the November Project Austin, and for my day job I’m the Marketing Associate at SPIbelt – a local running accessory company.

You’ll usually see me pacing with the 8:45 long run group on Saturdays, and a few of your ARC race shirts are my designs as well! I sincerely hope that by becoming the Secretary of the ARC Board, we can continue to expand the growth of the Austin running community and make the ARC social media feeds – and ARC email reading experience – better for all.






Rod Taylor

I’ve been running and competing in races since the 4th grade and have been an Austin resident for 11 years, moving here after graduating from Iowa State University. After living in Iowa for nearly a decade (through high school and college), I have a deep appreciation for runnable Austin “winters”. I enjoy running local and destination races with my wife, Katie, who is also a dedicated runner and ARC member. Other non-running related interests include engineering, movies at the Alamo Drafthouse, bicycling, guitar, and piano.

I’ve been running with ARC since signing up for the most recent Distance Challenge. Although I’m new to the group, this hobby (or obsession?) has had such a positive impact on my life that I feel compelled to give back to the running community. I’m an engineer so math and working with spreadsheets is well within my comfort zone. Also, I held the office of treasurer for the student section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Iowa State University my senior year. 




 Jennifer Prince

I began running in 2015 as a way to cope with grad school stress and completed my first half marathon in October of that year. Since then, I’ve been running for fun and for PRs in distances from the mile to the marathon and recently concluded a 756-day running streak with hopes to start a new one soon. My first run with ARC came a month before moving to Austin from New York, and I’ve loved the camaraderie and mutual support I’ve found in this club.

I have several years of experience directing budgets for organizations. While in grad school at the City University of New York, I served two terms as the Co-Chair for Business of the Doctoral Students’ Council, creating and managing a programming budget of over $600,000. I also developed large annual fundraisers while head coach of a youth swim team, and look forward to continuing my service with ARC.





Director of Member Services

Deepa Patel

I ran my first half-marathon in college after someone told me I couldn’t do it. Since then, I’ve been running everything from 5ks to a 100-miler. I prefer the marathon distance because it’s the best way to see 26.2 miles of any city. My favorite part of the running community is the camaraderie, inspiration, and happy hours. I enjoy running almost as much as I enjoy jokes, naps, donuts, and pizza.

I’ve been roping people into volunteering for ARC since I joined the board as Volunteer Coordinator two years ago. I’ve loved being a part of the organization and the larger running community, but my favorite part of the experience has been meeting runners and welcoming them into ARC, something I’m hoping to continue as Director of Member Services. I’m looking forward to being able to influence positive changes that members want to see!





Al Arboleda

I would like to throw my name in the ring for the Director of Member Services. ARC has been my window into Austin being a recent transfer from Los Angeles and I would like to give back to the club. 

Until I moved to Austin, I was the President of our local High School Cross Country Booster club for three years. We hosted two major cross country races (100 teams – 50 runners per team) each year and our annual operating budget was around 70k. As the President, I was responsible for making sure everyone on the board got their jobs done, and runner recruitment at the Junior High School level.

I was also a member of my local SoCal Day Breakers for over 10 years before moving to Austin. Our club in Los Angeles was never close to the size of ARC but I am familiar with the challenges of organizing multiple runs a week and making each newcomer feel welcome.





Director of Volunteer Services

Sara Ferniza

I am interested in the ARC Board Director of Volunteer Services position because I support the work ARC is doing in our community. I also enjoy volunteering and have the desire to give back to the running community.

I have been living and running in Austin for the last 10 years and have been running with Rogue Running for the last 4 years. I’m originally from Chicago and have been a pacer for the Chicago Marathon for the last 15 years, and am honored to pace and volunteer for several local non-profit running organizations. I am an Ambassador for several local races, a guide for visually impaired runners, and a volunteer for Kayleigh’s Club. You can read more about my story on the ARC blog.


I enjoy sharing my passion and enthusiasm for running and appreciate you vote and support!





 Al Cumming

Education: BS Engineering, MS Management

Work Experience: 40+ year career in Engineering and HR Management

Service to my Country: 1st LT. USAF based at USAF Base Bergstrom for 4 years

Service to my Community: Board Chair Austin/Travis County Private Industry Council, Vice-Chair City of Austin Child Care Commission, Vice President Austin Runners Club, Coach ARC/Ship of Fools Running Group

Running Accomplishments: Qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon with my wife (Sandy); have twice run a Marathon in every state and have run a Half-Marathon in 48 states, have almost finished dead last in several races, applaud at each race when Sandy receives her trophy

Why I want to be ARC’s Director of Volunteer Services: To follow in the footsteps of the great work done by prior Directors, to participate at the Board level in setting ARC’s future strategic direction, to offer my service and experience in recruiting of and working with talented volunteers and runners



 Director of Information Services

Chris McGonagle

I’m a native Irishman converted Texan and father of 2. Since moving to Austin, I took up running as a means to lose weight and gain fitness. As it turns out, I love running and I’ve pushed myself to be the best runner I can be. I’ve run many races, but that marathon distance completely eluded me. Having failed a few times, I joined ARC last year as part of the Distance Challenge with the ultimate goal to complete my first marathon. I completed both with the help and support of ARC, especially the Ship of Fools on Saturdays (as a stand-in 10:30 group pace leader) and Rise and Run South Austin.

Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and ARC has become my running family. I’m proud to be a part of it and I would like to give back. I can put my 20-years of experience in the IT industry to good use and would love the opportunity to serve as the Director of Information Services for ARC.





Between Wednesday, May 1 and Friday, May 10, 2019, all current ARC members can login and cast your votes online here: