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Between May 25 through May 28, 2020, all current ARC members can login and cast your votes online here

Austin Runners Club is a completely volunteer-lead organization that relies on the efforts of our volunteer board in order to serve our mission. All current ARC members are eligible to run and vote for who they’d like to represent them on the Board of Directors. Below you’ll find candidate bios for those who are running to serve on our board. You can check out more about each current Board Member and their role here.

A few quick notes on the election:

Election results will be announced on social media and in our weekly member newsletter once they have been determined.


Brent Stein

I have had the pleasure of serving as the ARC Vice President over the past year. During that time I worked with an amazing team both on the Board as well as volunteers from our membership that worked together in ways that only great teams can do. While we had several obstacles in our way, the team pulled together to create one of ARC’s strongest years ever.  

I am honored to be considered for the position of President of the ARC Board of Directors. My goal as President will be to learn and build from where we have come, but also to inspire new ideas to grow into the future.  My plan to make this happen is based on four core areas:

I know with the state of our world right now we will have a challenging year in front of us. I am eager to get started to help lead the Board and serve our community. Together I know that we will find a way to continue to thrive and grow in spite of the challenges that we face. 

Vice President

Jennifer Prince

Jen – along with serving as the 2019-2020 ARC Board Treasurer – began running in 2015 as a way to cope with grad school stress and completed her first race in October of that year—a half marathon that spanned two countries and required carrying a passport. Since then, she has been running for fun and for PRs in distances from the mile to the marathon. She once had a 756-day running streak, and her new running streak reaches one year on May 5th, 2020. 

Jen’s first group run with ARC came a month before moving to Austin from New York in 2018, and she has loved the camaraderie and mutual support she found in this club so much that she decided to give back by serving as its Treasurer over the past year. Jen was also a competitive swimmer for 17 years and has taught and coached swimming for nearly two decades.







Katie Taylor

I have been running since I joined the 7th grade track team as a miler in Amarillo, TX. Now, I have completed 10 marathons my first as a senior in high school, in which I convinced my dad to come out of a nearly 30-year marathon retirement to run with me, to my most recent the 2020 Austin Marathon. In between, I have run numerous road and trail races, set 8 marathon PRs (4 of which were set running the Austin Marathon so don’t let people tell you that you can’t run fast at Austin), and run a Boston Qualifier at CIM in 2019.

As you can tell, running has played a huge part in my life. It has led to numerous friendships, and it was one of the initial things that my husband, Rod, and I bonded over. Over the years, I have become more involved in the Austin running community through racing, and I first became a member of ARC when I participated in the 2017/2018 Distance Challenge. Since then, I’ve been an active member and have joined Monday Night Run, climbed Mt. Bonnell with Rise and Run, and volunteered at various packet pickups, the Daisy 5k, and the Decker Challenge.

I would like to continue to serve the Austin running community in the position of Secretary (Direct of Communications) for the Austin Runners Club Board. As a high school teacher, my skill set is aligned well with the various aspects of the position. In fact, I’ve already been putting my skill set to use since the Director of Volunteer Services stepped down. I’ve been volunteering to help out the Board in whatever capacity they have needed. For example, I have ghost written and edited weekly emails when our current secretary’s partner had a baby as well as help edit the ARC Bylaws. I’ve found volunteers to work the Distance Challenge tent. Lastly, I’ve taken over the Distance Challenge Instagram account the last couple of months and have been adding content to keep people’s spirits up as well as communicate with the community. Therefore, I would to continue to improve ARC communications through the weekly email and social media and help grow the ARC mission to support the running community of Austin while continuing the philanthropic work that it is known for.

Jeremy Tavares

I’m 40 years old, and live in Round Rock, TX with my wife and 2 year old son. I’ve lived here for the past 12 years, but I’m originally from Mississippi. I have a BA in English from the University of Mississippi, and I enjoy outdoor activities like running, camping and hiking.

I’m fairly active in the local running community, and I plan to be more active in the future. I’m a member of Round Rock Fit and the Texas Beef Team, and I ran 21 races this past season including the Austin Distance Challenge. Most of the time if the distance is 6 miles or under, I’ll push my son in the jogging stroller during a race. He laughs when we pass people. His mother and I think a talk about good sportsmanship might be in order.

My favorite distance is the 1/2 marathon, and my favorite running shoes are Brooks. My favorite local race is the Decker Challenge because I’m weird.

I think this position would be a blast because I enjoy writing, and this would allow me to insert my sense of humor into a subject I’m passionate about. In college I had a weekly column in the campus newspaper for three years, where I did something similar, and I’ve really missed it.

Director of Member Services

Lauren Reynnells

I started running in middle school when my friend asked me to try out for the track team with her. There I found the joy of running and I haven’t stopped since. In college, I had the opportunity to run for two universities and learned how to persevere, trust your team, and set big goals. Now, I am enjoying the ability to run for fun in the great city of Austin. 

I moved to Austin three years ago when I transferred to the University of Texas (hook ‘em). I didn’t realize how encouraging, friendly, and active a community could be until I began running through the city. My first race with ARC was the Daisy 5K last year (2019) & the atmosphere was incredible. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this organization. 

In December I graduated from UT with a degree in Rhetoric & Writing. I was lucky enough to get connected with my dream job very quickly. Now, I work for Marathon Kids as a Community Development Manager (Every day I get to combine running, writing, & non-profit!) and it has been an absolute blast working alongside my new team.

Director of Volunteer Services

Emily Kozel

Emily started to take running more seriously in 2011 after getting her first desk job. She started with a couch to 5k program and hasn’t looked back since. This Austin running community has given her so much; a fun hobby, health, friends that are now family, and maybe more importantly, a sense of purpose.  She currently coaches athletes at Rogue Running starting from first time half marathoners all the way up to athletes that have run more marathons than they can count. Emily is an RRCA certified coach, loves organizing events, and has never met a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she doesn’t like. 







Director of Information Services

Rod Taylor

I’ve been running and competing in races since the 4th grade, and have been an Austin resident since moving here after graduating from Iowa State University in 2007. After living in Iowa for nearly a decade (through high school and college), I have a deep appreciation for runnable Austin “winters”. I enjoy running local and destination races with my wife, Katie, who is also a dedicated runner and ARC member. Other non-running related interests include engineering, movies at the Alamo Drafthouse, bicycling, and playing guitar.

I have enjoyed serving as the ARC Director of Information Services this past year. I am an engineer through and through, so I like the technical problem solving that comes with this position. Whether it’s maintaining the ARC website, membership database, Distance Challenge results, or various other information technology-related tasks required to keep the organization running smoothly.

The Austin running scene is truly special and I feel so grateful to live here. There is so much enthusiasm, which is evident in the sheer number of running groups, events, and races in town. Not to mention all the great places to run! I believe that ARC will play an important role in bringing all of these elements together to make the Austin running community come back from this pandemic even stronger than before. I would be proud to play my part in this mission by continuing to serve on the board.



Aaric Eisenstein

I’m a former racer and now walker – who still wears my Distance Challenge finisher’s jacket. My 1/2 marathon PR was even at Decker! I’ve been involved in the Austin running community since 2012, and I’ve been involved in several non-profits for the last 25+ years. Professionally, I’ve owned or managed a number of small businesses and have extensive experience with finance and operations, dating back to receiving my MBA from UT Austin in 1996. As a father and community member, I’m very committed to the physical, psychological, and societal health benefits of organized running communities.






Between May 25 through May 28, 2020, all current ARC members can login and cast your votes online here: