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It’s that time of the year again–for ARC Members to weigh in on who they’d like to represent them on the Board of Directors. Read below for brief candidate bios, and start thinking about who you’d like to see on next year’s board. (You can descriptions of each Board Member role here.)

A few quick notes on the election rules:

Winners will be announced on social media and in our weekly member newsletter once they are determined.

Iram J. Leon
I am running once again for election for ARC president because it’s felt like running my first marathon. It was a great journey along the way but some things were new experiences and even if they were personal PR’s for no other reason than I hadn’t done it before, I thought there was still more potential. We’ve had a good year with a good team an increased amount of membership, donations, social runs, bigger participation in both the Distance Challenge and the Decker Challenge. But I like to think we’re still nowhere near our ability to help ARC run this town even better so I’d like to continue giving it a chance.

Vice President
Elaine Chung
I’ve been a member of ARC since 2013 and have served as vice president since May 2015. I’m seeking re-election as vice president because I want to continue improving our two signature races, Decker and Daisy. One of the privileges of being both a runner and a race director is being able to build an event with the best features of other races I’ve done. While I’m proud of increasing participation and introducing new competitions and prizes, I have plans to make our races even better. It’s been a fun and rewarding year and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Shannon Walton
Running became a passion for me after too many years of sedentary adulthood in front of one glowing screen or another. I knew I’d be taking better care of my health, but I didn’t know that I would also soon become part of a wonderful new tribe who would help keep me on that path. Since joining ARC and the Ship, I’ve progressed from uncertain rookie to top finisher for my Masters age group in the 2016 ADC – Half Track, and I don’t intend to quit now! If you come out to the early Saturday morning run with the Ship, you’ll often find me serving as the 9 minute pace volunteer. Having lived in and adored Austin for 26 years, I want to share my community connections and social media skills to represent ARC as the accessible ambassadors of running in our fantastic city. I’ve previously acted in similar roles for other organizations and look forward to giving back as board secretary for this inspiring group that has given me so much.

Kate Gurfein
I have spent the past year serving as the ARC Treasurer.  In the year that I have served, I have already realized thousands of dollars in savings which has allowed the board to better serve members, increase donations to beneficiaries, and provide financial stability for ARC.  I would love to have the opportunity to continue this work.  Please re-elect me as ARC Treasurer!

Director of Member Services
Larry Huang
Thanks to ARC and the Ship of Fools, over the last two years of being an ARC member and Distance Challenge finisher, I transitioned from being just a casual runner to a more serious runner. During that time, I have had the privilege of meeting some of the finest people in Austin, and I would like to give both back and forward to ARC and its members. My philosophy is that anyone can and should run for fitness and health and happiness, and I want to help motivate everyone to get out there and run. As a software developer who likes to be social, I believe my experience in technology, networking, event management, and attention to detail will help to bring people together, increase member benefits through forging relationships with other local businesses and organizations, and serve our community well. I hope to be your next Director of Member Services!

Director of Volunteer Services
Shirley Allaway
I  did my first marathon on 2000 and have been running ever since. I’ve been a member of the Austin Runners Club and Al’s Ship of Fools for the last several years. When not running, I work as a web developer for the state.

Director of Information Services
Evan Powell
​​A long-time non-athlete, I ran my first marathon in February of 2012 after training with the Ship of Fools and have been training with the Ship since then! I work as a Software Developer at a local startup, and have been Director of Information Services for ARC for nine months. My major contributions include improved email reliability, the fastest Distance Challenge results ever, and a Distance Challenge infographic.

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