Distance Challenge Late track changes

There are two steps needed in order to change your track late in the Distance Challenge.

  1. Send an email directly to the Distance Challenge Coordinator at dc@austinrunners.org. The coordinator will respond with a link that will allow you to pay the change fee.
  2. Be sure to review Austin Marathon’s policy on distance changes at the bottom of the page here. You will need to notify the Austin Marathon organizers and request to change distances. Below is an excerpt from the Austin Marathon change rules:
    • Transfers – Change your distance for 2018
      • All transfers must be approved through High Five Events. Cannot be transferred if an event is sold out.
      • Before February 12th distance transfers are $30 (Full to Half) and $30 + Price difference at current rate (Half to Full)
      • Distance transfers close February 12th.
      • Once a distance transfer has been submitted it cannot be reversed.