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The Board of Directors


Iram J. Leon, President

The President leads, manages, motivates, and supports the Board of Directors and the ARC, represents the ARC to the general public, establishes annual goals, policies, and procedures, and presides at all meetings.

Iram was put on the track team after getting spanked for running in the hall in 3rd grade. He continued to run through high school on the track team and college in the cross-country team. He aimed for his first marathon before he turned 30, and has now run 12 of them. He put off brain surgery to run one, and has run two pushing his daughter in a stroller. While he has been featured in local and national media for some running stories, he is far more proud to have coached in Austin, served on the organizing committee for various races and now helping with the Austin Runners Club.

Elaine Chung, Vice President

The Vice President serves in the absence of the President. The Vice President is responsible for production of ARC races and events. This includes: building race communities, recruiting professional race directors and staff as needed, coordinating with vendors, as well as city, state, and county agencies, assisting in public relations efforts, and building event operations plans and timelines.

Elaine ran her first marathon at the tender age of 16, much to the chagrin of her high school track coach. She joined ARC in 2013 and has since been recognized for eating unorthodox pre-race meals like poutine and fried chicken. Outside of running, Elaine dabbles in improv and engineering.


Amber Wadey, Secretary

The Secretary edits and generates content for social media and regular communication to members regarding club news and upcoming events, and is responsible for keeping records and minutes of all meetings, making announcements of upcoming meetings and activities, coordinating board meetings and social events.

Amber works for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and begrudgingly started running a few years ago just so that she could participate in their Marathon Relay. One of the fundraising incentives that year happened to be an entry into the Austin Half Marathon, so she decided to give it a shot. She has since run 7 half marathons, completed a Distance Challenge, and has recently started dabbling in Ragnar Relays and Trail Running.


Kate Gurfein, Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping all monies of the ARC, recording of income and expenses, collection of income and payment of receipted expenses. The Treasurer helps prepare and administer the annual budget, and makes periodic reports of the club’s financial status.

Kate’s love of running began on the track, where she ran for her high school team and then on the track team at Colby College. After graduating, she moved on to longer distance road races. She has continually improved in all distances from the 5k to the marathon, thanks to some good competitive training partners and excellent coaching from Al and his Ship of Fools. The peak of her running career was appearing in the April 2015 issue of Runner’s World, leading the pack on the O. Henry track. She is excited to continue growing as a runner and leader within ARC, as both the club’s treasurer and as a co-leader of the Monday night run.


Director of Member Services

The Director of Member Services is responsible for development of member benefits, new member recruitment and member retention, and assisting in the recruitment and development of regular club or group runs.



Deepa Patel, Director of Volunteer Services

The Director of Volunteer Services utilizes various media outlets and websites for the recruitment of volunteers for club events, serves the role as the volunteer team lead for ARC sponsored events and plays a role, along with other ARC board members, in coordination of club social activities.

Deepa first ran her first half-marathon in college because someone told her she couldn’t do it. When she moved from Arizona to Texas in 2012, she began running for herself. She prefers the marathon distance because it’s the best way to see 26.2 miles of any city. Deepa enjoys running almost as much as she enjoys jokes, naps, donuts, and pizza.

RYan Becerra, Director of Information Services

The Director of Information Services is responsible for maintaining the information distributed to the ARC community via our website (including the event calendar) as well as answering questions and receiving feedback from the ARC community.

Ryan is a born and raised Austinite. After running his first marathon in Austin, he decided to start training with the Ship of Fools running group. ARC and the Ship helped him improve and run three more marathons; one in Dallas, Los Angeles and another in Austin. Ryan has completed two Distance Challenges and loves exploring the city on foot.

He originally joined the board in 2015 to revamp the technology behind ARC. In the Fall of 2015, Ryan was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to take a leave of absence. He fought that off, is now cancer free and returned in 2017 to contribute to the ARC mission.


Hannah Kanne, Distance Challenge Coordinator

The Distance Challenge Coordinator serves as the volunteer team lead for the Distance Challenge along with other ARC board members.

Hannah has been running since her cross country middle school days, but her love for road races evolved once moving to Austin in 2007. After a friend asked her to sign up for this thing called “The Austin Distance Challenge” in ’08, she was committed to running the series of races which ultimately led her to finish her first marathon in 2009! Since then she has completed 3 Austin Distance Challenges and run 9 marathons. Hannah is excited to spread her love for running throughout the Austin running community and pumped to be hands on and help such an incredible organization.